Aleksander Dyo
Managing Director/ Founder

17+ Years Advisory Experience
300+ Business Clients Served
$40MM+ Tax Savings Generated


Howard Lee
Senior Financial Planner

22+ Years Advisory Experience
180+ Business Clients Served
$60MM+ Tax Savings Generated


Angie Tassone
Director of Business Relationships

14+ Years Client Relationship Experience
3000+ Clients Served
3000+ Client Transactions Processed


Justin Vivian
Investment Analyst / Administrator

5+ Years Investment Analyst Experience
1000+ Investment Reports Generated
$15B+ Total Assets Analyzed


Our Goals

We want small business owners to achieve greater financial security so they can thrive and make a more significant impact on the world.
We want our clients to continue to grow their wealth, even after retirement, so they can provide for their loved ones for generations to come.

We want to help our clients increase their wealth quicker and more efficiently by continually researching the latest trends in financial planning and proactively developing new strategies and products.

We want our clients to feel confident knowing our team of experts is on hand to answer questions, solve problems, and be the go-to resource for tax savings, retirement planning, and investment management.
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