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How does CUSTOM-BUILT work?

 CUSTOM-BUILT Investment Portfolio is a personalized solution with detailed financial evaluation, balanced wealth management, rigorous performance testing, and access to proprietary investment products for portfolio diversification.

We are not your typical financial advisor

As fellow investors and asset managers, we understand the client’s perspective on wealth management. We combine our professional expertise and practical knowledge to design personalized investment portfolios that maximize returns and minimize risk. Our recommendations are always in service of the client’s goals so they can live the lifestyle they desire while continuing to build wealth for the future.


We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your finances

We take the time to understand your specific goals, risk threshold, and timeline to create a fully customized and cohesive investment strategy. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of income, balance sheets, withdrawal plans, and exposure against future variables to predict asset values. That detailed evaluation doesn’t only happen once. We continue to monitor our clients’ financial status and adjust strategies as goals change, or unexpected circumstances arise.

We believe in balanced wealth management

To ensure that our recommendations are aligned with our clients’ needs, we combine asset allocation, diversification, risk-hedging, and active and passive management styles. We believe that a mixed portfolio of insurance-linked products, traditional and alternative investment options are key to balanced wealth creation. Keeping that perfect balance of strategies is essential for portfolio growth and stability.

We test for every scenario for optimum portfolio performance

We optimize portfolio performance by running stress tests of variable market conditions to determine the most suitable combination of investments. We look at historical scenarios and the risk/reward ratio asset by asset. After rigorous testing, we determine the best allocation of assets for your wealth growth goals.

We offer proprietary investment products for portfolio diversification

We provide access to a pool of proprietary investment products with full transparency as to why we recommend these assets. Wealth Excel is also a private investment office, working together with an established fundraising partner to co-invest in highly vetted projects where we have the interest, knowledge, and resources to perform our due diligence. We can offer our clients direct investment opportunities in venture-based and private equity companies as well as non-correlated asset classes for greater portfolio diversity.

Direct Participation Options

Insurance-linked Assets

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