Pre-Tax Wealth Blueprint

Aleksander Dyo

Aleksander Dyo


He developed the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint to help his fellow business owners maximize their savings and protect their assets in order to excel personal wealth while continuing to build a profitable business. Throughout his career, he has helped generate over $40 million in tax savings with an average annual contribution of $380K per client to their private retirement accounts.


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What is Pre-Tax Wealth?

Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint is a tactical strategy for profitable small business owners to realize substantial savings by maximizing income tax deductions, minimizing asset exposure, and maximizing tax deferral growth through precision retirement planning and enhanced employee benefits.

Small business owners with 50 or fewer employees and $500,000 or more in net taxable income are ideal candidates for the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint. Business owners in the 40-65 age range can profit the most by fully maximizing their private retirement accounts. Clients can save an average of $150,000 annually using tax savings strategies.

Following are the benefits of the Pre-Tax Wealth Blueprint:

  • Increase control of cash flow and tax payables
  • Build up a substantial retirement account faster
  • Allows for a graceful exit strategy
  • Attract and retain employees with a lucrative benefits package
  • Frees up money for other investments

This webinar will help you to create pre-tax wealth for small business owner clients by using a combination of tax savings strategies.

Following are the major questions answered in this webinar:

  • To discuss the modern way of designing and structuring Qualified Plans.
  • To explore how to double your tax savings in year one.
  • To explain 401(h) – trifecta tax benefit (deduction, deferral, tax-free withdrawal).
  • To discuss the benefits of the Pre-Tax Wealth Blueprint.

Who This Webinar Benefits:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
CPA (Industry)
CPA – Large Firm
CPA – Mid Size Firm
CPA – Small Firm
Maryland Tax Preparers
Oregon Tax Preparers
Tax Professionals
Young CPA


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