We navigate our clients towards a successful retirement by carefully analyzing their wealth-growth needs and implementing the most tax-efficient income distribution strategies.

How does PRECISION work?

PRECISION Retirement Planning is a goal-based strategy to design and execute retirement road-map for maximum funding, wealth creation and tax-efficient distribution.

We design plans based on the lifestyle you want to have when you retire

We know a successful plan depends on the mutual understanding of our clients’ dreams and goals for retirement, not just their finances. Working with your CPA and other trusted advisors, we take a comprehensive approach to maximize your wealth, while minimizing taxes, and protecting assets, so you can live a comfortable post-retirement life. 



We excel at analyzing all the data to determine the optimum retirement strategies for you

First, we collect quantitative and qualitative data. Then our experienced actuarial team runs a feasibility analysis to determine the optimal retirement strategies to reach your goals. After we have tested the model to confirm it’s the most suitable design, we present you and your trusted financial team with your personalized retirement plan.


We navigate you through the intricacies of retirement plans and provide meticulous account management

We guide you step by step through the implementation and execution of each retirement strategy we recommend. Our expert knowledge of the complex rules and regulations of retirement accounts combined with our experience in record keeping and reporting means you can rest assured your retirement plan will be compliant and secure.



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