At Wealth Excel, we focus on small but profitable business owners between 40 and 65 looking to take the next step in their life and retirement needs. We work diligently for our clients to build up substantial retirement accounts faster while also controlling cash flow and tax payables. This allows for a graceful exit strategy where you can focus on the future of your business while we handle the future of your personal income. We invite you to give us a call today, and let’s build a stronger tomorrow with our Charitable Gift Giving Blueprint for your Charitable Gift Giving.

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What is Charitable Gift Financing?

Charitable Gift Financing Blueprint is a strategy that enables charitably inclined high-net-worth individuals to use a third-party loan to make a tax-deductible contribution to charitable organizations.

The IRS has ruled that when debt to a third party is used to make a charitable contribution, the taxpayer is entitled to a charitable contribution deduction under IRC §170(a) in the year the gift was made, and the deduction may not be postponed until the taxpayer pays the indebtedness – Rev. Rul. 78-38, 1978-1C.B.67, Granan v. Comm. 55 T.C. 753 (1971).

Following are the benefits of the Charitable Financing Blueprint:

  • To analyze how to make larger size private charitable gifts with minimum cash outflow.
  • To discuss how to minimize income & capital gain tax liabilities for high W2 earners and business owners).
  • To access a rolling line of credit with a low-interest rate & no personal guarantee.



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