What is the Wealth Excel Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint?

The Wealth Excel Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint is a tactical strategy for profitable small business owners to realize substantial savings by maximizing income tax deductions, minimizing asset exposure, and maximizing tax deferral growth through precision retirement planning and enhanced employee benefits.

Who Can Benefit from the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint?

Small Business Owners Aged 40-65 | 50 or fewer employees | $500K+ net taxable income

Small business owners with 50 or fewer employees and $500,000 or more in net taxable income are ideal candidates for the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint. Business owners in the 40-65 age range can profit the most by fully maximizing their private retirement account. Clients can save an average of $150,000 annually using Wealth Excel’s tax savings strategies.

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How Does the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint Work?

Wealth Excel advisors use a combination of tax savings strategies to create a pre-tax wealth for their small business owner clients.

A Real-Life Wealth Excel Client Blueprint 


How the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint Can Benefit Small Business Owners

The Pre-Tax wealth Creation Blueprint’s integration of comprehensive tax savings and precision retirement planning can benefit small business owners by:

Providing more control of cash flow and tax payables

The savings from the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint can help business owners build up more cash flow with less concern for tax payables.

Building up a substantial retirement account

As part of the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint strategy, a tax-deferred, retirement trust is established. Business owners can quickly build their retirement nest egg with Wealth Excel’s clients making an average of $380,000 in account contributions each year.

Allowing for a graceful exit strategy

By protecting assets and building wealth in a tax-deferred retirement account, business owners can feel more comfortable knowing that they will be financially secure when they are ready to exit the business. Wealth Excel clients have an average retirement balance of $2.3 million.

Offering lucrative benefits to attract and retain employees long term
The Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint uses profit-sharing, pension plans, and medical expense accounts to help small business owners offset income tax liability. In addition to tax savings, these tactics allow employers to offer more robust benefits to attract talent and adds an extra incentive for employees to be more productive and stay with the company long term.

Freeing up money for other investments

With the substantial savings from the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint, business owners can further diversify their investment portfolio with non-correlated asset classes that provide a more balanced risk to reward returns. Wealth Excel custom builds every investment portfolio to match each client’s unique financial goals.

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How to Apply the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint to Your Business

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About Wealth Excel

Wealth Excel is a highly specialized consulting and investment advisory company providing wealth-growth solutions for profitable small business owners through comprehensive tax-saving strategies, precision retirement plans, and custom-built investment portfolios. Launched in 2020 in Los Angeles, California, the Wealth Excel team has over 30 years of combined experience serving the needs of high-income and high-net-worth clientele nationwide.

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